Orkney Islands 2009 - PX - Berry Bros Bottling - Tipples of Manchester

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Orkney is an archipelago off the coast of the Scottish highlands home to some of the finest scenery, wildlife, Neolithic site and whisky that Scotland has to offer.This exceptional scotch whisky comes from one of the two distilleries on the island.

This lightly peated Arcadian tipple has been matured for ten years in a refill butt, before spending its final four years in a fresh Pedro Ximinez Butt. The nose opens with a gentle weave of honeyed peat smoke, leather, prunes, citrus and spiced pastry. Allowing this dram to lounge about in the glass brings out the peated character further.

Sweet sherry notes are more pronounced on the palate with boozy raisins and ripe figs baldachin beautifully with the Orkney peat, honeyed toast, and crisp apple. Cinnamon, turfy smoke and fruit load linger across the finish. Hats off to this wonderfully complex playground of Island Flavours

51.8%, 70cl